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Life Insurance

Designed to support your family's financial future when you're no longer there for them, life insurance is one of the most important decisions you can make. It is often used to pay off shared debts, like a mortgage; and even if you don't have major financial commitments, life insurance can help your loved ones afford funeral costs, bills, and other ongoing living expenses.

Like to secure the most appropriate level of life cover? As insurance advisers, we can help you work out how much life insurance you may need, based on your debt levels, personal circumstances, and goals. Plus, we are here to review your circumstances over time, and to assist your family if they ever needed to claim.

Trauma Insurance

Facing serious illnesses is never easy, and the financial burden can add to the stress. Trauma policies pay out a lump sum for a defined list of conditions (like heart attacks, cancer or stroke), and you can use the money for whatever you need - whether this is a treatment that's not covered by health insurance, a memorable trip with the family, help around the house or even your day-to-day expenses, if you and your spouse want to have time off work while you recover.

The value is in the detail. Trauma insurance is one of the most powerful protection tools, but to get the most out of it, it's important to understand what the small print entails. As insurance advisers, we can help you secure the most appropriate level and structure of trauma cover for your needs.

Income Protection

How would you and your family cope if you suddenly lost your income? Would you still be able to meet your financial commitments, like a mortgage? And what about your ongoing expenses?

While ACC does a great job of paying out for accidental injuries, the scheme doesn't protect your ability to earn an income from the consequences of serious illness or even injury, once your sick leave runs out. Income protection insurance can provide that 'safety net' when you're no longer able to work, either temporarily or permanently. 

We can help you protect your lifestyle. When structured properly, income protection allows you to continue the lifestyle you enjoyed before, pay your bills, and keep your family's home. We can help you work out the nuances and details so that you secure the level of cover you need.

Health Insurance

In New Zealand, we're lucky enough to have a public health system taking good care of us in case of emergency. But unfortunately, when it comes to non-urgent surgeries and procedures (like hip replacements and colonoscopies), public hospital waiting lists can be lengthy. 

Health insurance is designed to give you affordable access to fast and quality treatment options. But not all health insurance policies are created equal, and we can help you secure the most appropriate solution for your needs, goals, and budget.

Depending on the type of policy you choose, for example, health insurance can cover the cost of diagnostic testing, specialist consultations, and treatment in private healthcare facilities. Some policies include GP visits and prescriptions or even provide cover for unfunded medications, like life-extending cancer therapies that are not yet funded by Pharmac. Please get in touch if you'd like to talk about your needs.

Mortgage Protection

Similarly to income protection, mortgage protection insurance is designed to step in when you cannot work due to serious illness or injury, taking care of your mortgage repayments. You can set up your policy to pay a set amount each week or month, for a set number of years or until a certain age. The benefit amount usually equals 115 per cent of your mortgages, or 40-45 per cent for your regular income. 

Thinking about ways to protect your family's home from the unexpected? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We can show you how mortgage protection insurance can benefit you and your family, and talk you through alternative options that may also be appropriate for your needs. There's a lot to think about and we can help take the pressure off by keeping things simple.


Have a few questions? We're here to help.

  • What do you charge for your advice services?

    We do not charge our clients for our services; instead we receive commission from the insurance provider once the agreed solution is confirmed. We receive this remuneration in the form of upfront and trail commission. To find out more about how we are remunerated, please view our Disclosure Statements on the About Page.

  • Do you charge for mortgage advice?

    Usually, we are paid a commission by the lender once your loan has settled, and do not charge fees. However, a fee may apply in certain circumstances and we encourage you to view our Disclosure Statement here for full information on our remuneration.

  • Why is mortgage advice valuable?

    There are many reasons - but most importantly, a mortgage adviser is expert at helping you carefully consider what your short and long term goals are and how to structure your loan accordingly. And of course, you have access to our relationships with lenders, knowledge and expertise, not to mention sharp negotiation skills when it comes time to talk interest rate.

  • What should I spend on insurance?

    Like insurance itself, there is no single answer to this question. It depends on your areas of risk and needs. Having says that though, it is really important that you don’t spend too much by taking out unnecessary cover or excessive levels of cover, or too little, which may leave you financially exposed should the unforeseen happen. Getting it just right for your needs and budget is a big part of what we do.


Fantastic service, professional team. A family run business that will always work with your best interest at heart!
Faieka Cassiem
Shane has guided me with all avenues when it comes to KiwiSaver and my 1st home purchase. Shane is very knowledgeable and has an excellent appreciation for your needs when it comes to your insurance!
Rhys Pemberton
Joseph is always friendly and goes out of his way to assist clients. He is open and honest with his advice and highlights any risk you may be facing. I recommend chatting to Joseph on an annual basis to review your insurance position.
Zelda Thompson
Fantastic! Shane is someone who really wants the best for his clients Highly recommended.
Jono Frankle
Joseph made the whole process simple and straightforward. Highly recommend his services.
Shannen Lyons
Shane helped me a lot with my insurances and Kiwisaver. He is very professional and knowledgable. I highly recommend him.
Steven Matthew

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