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Shareholder Protection Insurance

Many New Zealand businesses have more than one shareholder, and that's where shareholder protection can become part of a wider risk and succession planning. When structured correctly, this type of insurance is designed to support your company should a shareholder be forced to sell up due to serious illness, injury, or worse, allowing the other shareholders to step up and retain ownership.

Is your business growing and becoming more and more valuable? It may be time to consider shareholder protection insurance. For example, if anything serious happened to a shareholder, would the other shareholders have the money to purchase the vacant shares and retain ownership of the company?

As insurance advisers, we can help you work out whether shareholder insurance is right for you, how much of it you may need, and how to structure your policy to protect the capital value of your business.

Key Person Insurance

Your machines and premises are important, but how would your business survive without its key employees? By covering the cost of bringing in a replacement, key person insurance is designed to help your business keep its doors open even if one of your critical staff members was off work due to serious illness, injury, or worse.

Who are your "key people"? A "key person" can be either an owner or an employee. It may be a salesperson, a director, or a team member with hard-to-replace skills - anyone whose loss can cause financial strain to the business. Yes, it could even be you. 

By understanding how your business is structured and where its strengths lie, we can help you identify critical team members and secure a financial lifeline for your business.


Have a few questions? We're here to help.

  • What do you charge for your advice services?

    We do not charge our clients for our services; instead we receive commission from the insurance provider once the agreed solution is confirmed. We receive this remuneration in the form of upfront and trail commission. To find out more about how we are remunerated, please view our Disclosure Statements on the About Page.

  • Do you charge for mortgage advice?

    Usually, we are paid a commission by the lender once your loan has settled, and do not charge fees. However, a fee may apply in certain circumstances and we encourage you to view our Disclosure Statement here for full information on our remuneration.

  • Why is mortgage advice valuable?

    There are many reasons - but most importantly, a mortgage adviser is expert at helping you carefully consider what your short and long term goals are and how to structure your loan accordingly. And of course, you have access to our relationships with lenders, knowledge and expertise, not to mention sharp negotiation skills when it comes time to talk interest rate.

  • What should I spend on insurance?

    Like insurance itself, there is no single answer to this question. It depends on your areas of risk and needs. Having says that though, it is really important that you don’t spend too much by taking out unnecessary cover or excessive levels of cover, or too little, which may leave you financially exposed should the unforeseen happen. Getting it just right for your needs and budget is a big part of what we do.


Fantastic service, professional team. A family run business that will always work with your best interest at heart!
Faieka Cassiem
Shane has guided me with all avenues when it comes to KiwiSaver and my 1st home purchase. Shane is very knowledgeable and has an excellent appreciation for your needs when it comes to your insurance!
Rhys Pemberton
Joseph is always friendly and goes out of his way to assist clients. He is open and honest with his advice and highlights any risk you may be facing. I recommend chatting to Joseph on an annual basis to review your insurance position.
Zelda Thompson
Fantastic! Shane is someone who really wants the best for his clients Highly recommended.
Jono Frankle
Joseph made the whole process simple and straightforward. Highly recommend his services.
Shannen Lyons
Shane helped me a lot with my insurances and Kiwisaver. He is very professional and knowledgable. I highly recommend him.
Steven Matthew

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